Welcome to our site! We are dedicated to turning this into a major resource for plant comparative genomics. Our site currently holds a variety of tools for the comparative exploration of co-expression networks. We currently hold three plant species and we plan to expand in the months ahead. We are open to collaborations and we welcome your critique. To explore click on the tabs and make sure you read the tooltips! (The Team)
Please be patient with our website, as we don't have a beta server ready, and some of the features might be temporarily disabled as we are updating them. If you experience problems for more than one day with any of the site functions please get back to us and we will promptly issue a fix.

[2013 Mar 22] We have updated most of our tools and revamped the interface.
[2013 Feb 28] We are updating the functional annotation data and some of our tools.
[2013 Feb 22] Planterner, PlantExNet, CoPlaNet .. Bah! We finaly decided to go with Torgeir\'s pick: the site will be called ComPlEx.
[2013 Jan 25] The Comparative Tool is revamped with Ajax and jQuery functionality. Soon we will also switch to Cytoscape.js.
[2012 Sep 10] We migrated our project on the Spruce server.
[2012 Mar 20] Houston, we have alignment!
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